The last word

Hopefully, this is my last post, at least for now.

Chemo is done. My doctor is offering an optimistic prognosis. “Move on with your life,” he says.

I have to say that chemo wasn’t as awful as I expected. As it turned out, I never had to take a sick day, which tells you something. (Part of this was the a flexible work schedule — I’ve been working Sundays to free up a weekday for chemo treatments.)

Still, I’m glad it’s over. The nurses gave me a very nice “graduation” certificate on Thursday, when I got my infusion pump unhitched.

I haven’t really had a chance to celebrate yet. My week has continued to be consumed by Obama drama; lots of stories to do and plans to make. It’s complicated by the fact that this is not just a news story, but Kathryn’s graduation. On Thursday, we went to her track awards banquet; on Friday was her senior farewell at school and her band banquet at night. (Incidentally, she was honored at both — as tracak team co-captain and as an Outstanding Seniors in band.)

Graduation is Monday, and it will be a very long a busy day. Then we shift to Kevin’s graduation from Kalamazoo College! Wednesday, he gets inducted into Phi Beta Kappa; Saturday is his awards banquet and June 13 is the actual graduation.

No question, there’s so much going on at home and work that cancer isn’t casting shadow at all …..


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