Nearing the finish line

Tuesday will be my final chemo — and none too soon, from my standpoint.

Still, the timing is awful in terms feeling crummy next week. The Obama visit has taken over my life. The newspaper has decided to publish three — three! — eight-page sections on the presidential visit, to run on June 6-8. The final one, on June 8, is no problem — basically it will be filled with different stories on the visit. But the other two need advance stories, and lots of them. On Monday, I asked about the deadline for all these stories. Oh, Thursday or Friday, I was told.

I about fainted.

The bottom line: Today was my seventh consecutive day of work, including one 12-hour day and one 14-hour day. (On Friday, I got into work at 7:30 a.m. and left at 9:30 p.m.) I’ve been cranking stories like a mad demon. Frankly, the chemo at least gives me an excuse for having a day off, although I expect the rest of the week will be just as busy. To be honest, I’m feeling a little cranky about Mr. Obama about now.

At any rate, there was one funny story from the week. I knew Thursday would be a long day of writing stories, so I dressed in comfortable jeans and a polo shirt. I had a Kalamazoo school board meeting Thursday night, but I figured I’d run home for dinner and change.  I ran out of time and figured that it wouldn’t matter; I’d get to the meeting early and sit at the press table, where my jean-clad legs would be hidden. All went well until about 10 minutes into the meeting — I was called to the podium to receive a certificate from the some state organization’s Hall of Fame for reporters! As I walk by the Kalamazoo school spokesman, I hissed, “I’m wearing JEANS.” The school board members heard me and laughed.

Oh, well.  It was very nice of them. 

When Kat heard the story, she reiterated her oft-cited advice that I need to tend to my appearance whenever I leave the house, because you never know.


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