Treatment No. 11

Had my second-to-last chemo treatment today, and slept through most of it. Part of it is that I’m still recovering from my overnight flight Saturday from San Francisco to Grand Rapids. Left SF at midnight and got in GR at 9 .m.

Drove home, slept for a few hours and then worked by 8-hour Sunday shift, which was probably the busiest Sunday work shift I’ve had this year. Bottom line: Today’s nap was not just about the chemo.

At any rate, my calendar is completely jammed for the next six weeks. Kathryn graduates June 7, and there’s a half-dozen graduation events (i.e. school awards ceremony, track banquet, band banquet, etc.) that I must attend. Not to mention that Kevin is graduating from K-College on June 13, and he also some final concerts and award events that I should be attending.  Friday, June 4, is an example: Sarah is exhibiting work in the downtown Art Hop, which runs from 5 to 8 p.m.; Kat’s band banquet is at 6 and Kevin’s final a capella concert is at 8.  Also, my final chemo treatment is on Tuesday, June 1, which means Friday would normally be my bedridden day! Won’t happen. 

On top of all the personal graduation stuff, the Obama-coming-to-Kalamazoo will make for a very busy next few weeks since there will be no story left unwritten and most of that will fall on my watch, as the paper’s education reporter. The Obama/Kat graduation is June 7. But even after that, work won’t slack off — June is when school districts final their budget, which will be a huge deal this year because of state budget cuts, and Kalamazoo is hosting a national conference on the Kalamazoo Promise on June 17. So I’m going to be writing my little fingers off.


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