So K-Central DID win the Race To The Top Commencement Challenge, which means Obama will be speaking at Kat’s graduation.

How wonderful! And how it complicates my life! It’s a great story and on my beat, which means the journalist in me is salivating. On the other hand, it is Kat’s graduation, and I probably will limit the reporting that I do on the day of the actual visit so I can be a mom.

The other complications: Lots more stories to do between now and June 10, including follow-up stories this week. Kat’s stressed out about graduation tickets — with Obama coming and a packed house, will her boyfriend be able to come?

Meanwhile, I keep thinking that I need to pace myself. Yesterday, when the Obama thing was announced, was a long work day. But I have to say that my bosses have really stepped up to the plate this week and have delegated some of my work to other people. While yesterday was long, it could have been MUCH longer.

Speaking of health issues, the buzzing/tingling in my hands and legs has actually gotten worse in the past week. I know that chemo-induced neuropathy sometimes surfaces after the treatment stops, so it’s not entirely unexpected. Still.


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