Chemo vs. Obama

It’s four days after my chemo treatment, which would normally make this my chemo-recovery day, to be spent basically on the couch or in bed.

But it also was the day when the White House was to announce whether Kalamazoo Central High School was among the top three finalists to have Obama as a graduation speaker.

Julie-the-reporter won out over Julie-the-chemo-patient.

To be sure, I didn’t go to work first thing this morning. “Need to conserve my strength,” I told my bosses, who readily agreed.

The announcement came at 11 a.m. — and K-Central did made the cut. Hurray! Sort of.

So I pumped out a story for Saturday’s paper about the announcement, and then wrote my Saturday column on the topic, and that still left a Sunday analysis to crank out. I could have gone home and dealt with the Sunday story on Saturday morning, but decided to just get it over with. Six hours of phone interviews and writing later, I finally made it home.

On one hand, the Obama story is really fun to report. On the other hand, it’s sure complicating my life. The next White House announcement comes Tuesday — which also happens to be school election day. Arggghhh!!!


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