End of a long, busy week

This was a week where I felt like I was juggling oranges, only I had so many oranges that they kept smashing on the floor.

It was a very busy week, especially on the work front. School elections are May 4 and I’m the school reporter, so even though there aren’t any big items on the battle this year, there’s still a ton of routine coverage that needs to be done. On top of that, Kathryn’s school is one of six national finalist to have President Obama speak at their commencement. As a parent, I’m thrilled. As a reporter, that’s more stories that had to be cranked this week. Plus I had a daylong conference in Lansing on Monday, a out-of-town dinner on Tuesday, a Sunday story that needed to be written on Wednesday, etc. Thursday was suppose to be my easy work day, only I was the evening person on cop calls and a fatal fire blew my dinner plans to smithereens. Friday was my day off, but I still spent several hours on hour to tie up loose ends — to keep even more oranges from getting smashed.

Today, I’m happy to report, I did very little. Harold and I went out for drinks with friends, something we rarely do, and made me feel very grownup.

As for the health thing. I feel bone-weary tired, to tell the truth, but that’s probably more work-related than about chemo. I still have lots of tingling in my hands and legs — not uncomfortable or disabling, but I definitely feel it and so it probably was good that I ended the Ex0platin when I did so it didn’t get worse. Next treatment is Tuesday — I only have three left.


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