Stepping carefully

So my skin is falling off various toes — not an uncommon side effect of chemo, I’m told — but it’s left me limping and resentful.

My power-walk schedule has been abandoned. Going barefoot, even in the house, isn’t an option anymore.  I’m procrastinating on buying old-lady shoes, but my options are narrowing.  I’ve seriously contemplated wearing slippers at the office.

As I was whining to a friend, she winced and suggested one way to get through the next few months — figure out a big treat/reward that will directly follow each of the four chemo treatments I have left. It’s a hugely appealing notion and I’ve already figured out the first one — today I set up a dinner date with Harold and friends at a pricy and enticing new restaurant downtown, to be had two days after my next chemo treatment.

Meanwhile,  the other day I showed my toes to Kathryn, who was immediately grossed out. “You can hide them now,” she said. But Harold is being hugely sympathetic, checking in severely times daily on the foot situation and brain-storming various remedies.

On the upside, there’s been good news this week — a month ago, I was editing a brief about a local  group offering college scholarships to bright young women and urged both Kat and Sarah to apply. Yesterday, they both got letters saying they got $1,000 apiece — it won’t come close to covering all their expenses last year, but it’s $2,000 that I don’t have to come up with by August. And Sarah got a letter the previous week saying she was getting a $3,000 scholarship from WMU for transfer students with high GPAs. Hurray for them!


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