The work-chemo balance

Since I have a chemo session on Wednesday, I tucked into a long day at work today to finish up a big story scheduled to run on Saturday and finish up other odds and ends.

Then I got a call from Kalamazoo Public Schools saying that a VIP is scheduled to visit the school district tomorrow, and the person would be taking question from 11:10 to 11:20 a.m. (I’m not allowed to disclose the name of the VIP until tomorrow , although, trust me, it’s not exciting as it sounds.) 

Still, I was thrilled, mainly because  it was a VIP that I had been unsuccessfully trying to reach for my Sunday story. On the other hand, the mini-press conference was right in the middle of my time at the West Michigan Cancer Center. Oh, what to do, what to do ….

So quick call to WMCC. Could they reschedule my blood draw and oncologist appointment a bit earlier, so I could get to the press conference? And then could they reschedule my chemo for a bit later, after I finish with Mr. VIP? Yes, they could!

So that leaves me with this schedule tomorrow:

8 a.m.: Previously scheduled interview w/ KPS curriculum director for yet another story.

9:30: Blood draw.

10: Doctor.

11: Press conference.

Noon: Chemo.

Oh, but the complications don’t end there!  As a result of all this running around, it occurred to me that I’d end up at WMCC tomorrow afternoon with my car there — only I’m not allowed to drive home. So more phone calls, more arrangements.My sister Marcia agreed to pick up Kathryn and bring her to WMCC, and Kat can drive me home.

If nothing else, my bosses were impressed that I was running out to a press conference in the middle of my chemo day. “Above and beyond the call of duty,” said the managing editor.

But they also were, like, “So you can turn a story on (Mr. VIP) for Thursday’s paper? Doesn’t have to be long …”

Ah, journalism.


One Response to “The work-chemo balance”

  1. Dad Says:

    Patching owies is important, but what did you learn in ‘J’ class? “A deadline is a deadline.” So there you go! What a whiner. 😉
    Love, Dad

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