Bonding over cancer

I thought I’d be sleeping off my chemo meds today, but Monday night I realized  that I had misread the schedule given to me by the West Michigan Cancer Center and my second round of chemo actually begins Wednesday.

Actually, it worked out for the best — got in a productive day of work before the chemo kicks in, and  Harold and I went to a restaurant with friends tonight. I made sure to savor dinner, knowing that for the rest of the week, food is likely to taste metallic, my appetite will be nil, and my stomach will feel queasy.  Between the chemo itself and the after-effects, it was about four days of mild ickiness last time. Hopefully, I’ll be back to normal by Sunday.

Besides dinner, a highlight of my day was a 20-minute or so phone chat with local radio personality Lori Moore, who announced on her radio show this week that she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and she was going on medical leave.

I got Lori’s phone from one of our reporters, and left her a message. A few hours later, she called me back. I didn’t know if she wouldn’t even know who I was — we’ve never met — but it turns out that she knew more about me than I knew about her. (She obviously reads the Gazette far more than I listen to WKZO.) She said she always felt that we lived parallel lives — both of us work in the media, both are 50, both have a 17-year-old daughter who runs cross country. Her husband is from Jackson and, like me, she has gone to Catholic school. (I was impressed she could rattle off all this stuff on the top of her head.) “Too bad we have this in common, too,” she said about cancer.

We traded cancer stories (as well as a few 17-year-old daughter stories) and yukked it up about playing the cancer card. (She agreed that the Big C draws a lot more sympathy than other serious illnesses.) Turns out that Lori will be at the cancer center tomorrow, too, and I told her to look me up in the infusion lounge.

There was a story in today’s Gazette that radio personality


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