A picture-perfect family

From the left: Sarah, Kevin, Julie, Harold and Kathryn.

All Harold wanted for Christmas was a family portrait. So Tony, my ex-husband who also is a professional photographer, came over Sunday night armed with lots of studio lights and equipment to do the deed. Here’s two of the proofs from the shoot. 

I told Sarah that if the cancer kills me, I want the photo of everyone kissing me to be the big picture on the easel in the funeral home. Sarah laughed. Sort of. And then said, “Don’t be dark.”

At any rate, Tony did a great job. If anyone needs a photographer for a wedding, senior portrait or whatever , look him up at www.anthonydugal.com.

Now for the medical/health update for Mom, Aunt Jo and the other relatives: By Sunday afternoon, I was back to normal, and today a friend and I went for a two-hour lunch at a Lebanese restaurant, where my stomach and appetite held up just fine. Looks like I’ll be in good shape for the next week, until my next chemo a week from Tuesday.


2 Responses to “A picture-perfect family”

  1. Aunt Jo Says:

    so glad to know you are doing so well!
    love the pictures.
    love, A. Jo

  2. elaine Kramer Says:

    Tony did a phenomenal job, and you all cleaned up real good, you betcha.

    Send me one!

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