A merry, but queasy, Christmas

My first 48-hour chemo treatment ended around noon Christmas Eve, when the folks at the West Michigan Cancer Center disconnected my chemo pump.  But while I was thrilled to get the pump off (you try sleeping with a bulk fanny pack around your waist), it turned out things weren’t quite make to normal yet.  

After sailing through Tuesday and Wednesday with an absolute minimum of side effects, the queasiness and nausea started to sink in Thursday soon after I finished my full dose of meds.  Nothing major, mind you. In fact, it sort of reminded me of the early days of pregnancy — something less than full-blown morning sickness, and more like a delicate  and wary stomach. I didn’t feel like vomiting, but I sure didn’t feel like eating, either.

Still, for Christmas Eve, we went to my sister Colleen’s house, and I picked my way carefully through her taco-bar buffet. Christmas Day was a quiet day at home with the afternoon taken up by Movies on Demand and season four of the “The Wire.” In all, I spent eight shameless hours in front of the television, which was just as well, since my appetite still hadn’t returned.  Thank God for Stouffer’s Grandma’s Chicken and Rice Casserole.

Later today is a big family party at Marcia’s. Feeling a little better, but I doubt I’ll be scarfing down stuffed mushrooms and spicy chicken wings. The upside: No worries this year about holiday weight gain.


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